RB PHARMA has its expertise in Engineering Project, HVAC - Air Conditioning, Purified Water Systems (PW) and water for injection (WFI), Plant Audits, Training in cGMP, cGLP, Qualification and Validation in accordance with the regulations established by ANVISA and MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture) and the main regulations of the FDA and EMEA.

The experience in developing Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering Project, includes:

• Feasibility Studies;
• Pilot Plant;
• Clean room Projects;
• Engineering Project and Coordination of Weighing Central;
• Research and Development Laboratories;
• Coordination and development of new plants for pharmaceutical products (solid, liquid, semi-solids, injectables, dental cartridges, antibiotics and hormones);
• Projects for process systems, utilities and purification unit operations in manufacturing Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology;
• Coordination and development of plants refurbishing for vaccine production - Biotechnology (fermentation);
• Skids development in the process of PW, WFI, pipes, water loop and water treatment equipment (reverse osmosis, distillation columns, etc.);
• Specification of Production Equipment, Packaging and Quality Control;
• Air Conditioning System Project - HVAC;
• Chilled Water Central Project;
• Systems Consulting;
• Process for robotic cell culture;
• Separation and purification by chromatography;
• Validation Master Plan;
• Development of Qualification and Validation Protocols DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and process validation;
• GMP and GLP audits;
• Project Self-inspection of industrial enterprises to integrate the GMP standards and Mercosur;
• Implementation and management of quality programs to reduce costs, increase profitability and productivity;
• Trainings on cGMP, Validation & Qualification, cGLP, among others;
• Construction Management Services for Pharmaceutical Plants, Biotechnology, Cosmetics and Veterinary


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